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Mr William Shakespeare (poet, actor & gent) performs!

Celebrated today as a playwright and poet, during his working life William Shakespeare was also a busy actor in a successful London theatre company.

He is showcased in this fully-illustrated website performing as Hamlet, Romeo, King Lear, the murderous Macbeth — even the beautiful Cleopatra — and many more of the famous characters from his plays. Also featured are rare live recordings of Shakespeare performing on stage in 1609, and information about the theatre of his time

Lovers and villains, clowns and murderers: Shakespeare plays them all!

♦ Shakespeare performs his greatest roles
Famous lines, as delivered by Shakespeare
♦ Listen to live recordings of Shakespeare on stage in 1609
♦ Notes on the theatre of Shakespeare’s time

And here you can listen to Shakespeare playing Hamlet, walking to the front of the stage to deliver the most famous line in the history of theatre!
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